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April 2016

Introducing the new PHERAstar FSX

The most sensitive and fastest reader on the market!

Multimode microplate reader for:

  • All nonisotopic detection technologies
  • Plate formats up to 3456 well microplates
  • Unmatched sensitivity and speed in Fluorescence intensity and Fluorescence Polarization
  • New generation TRF/TR-Fret laser for increased precision in all plate formats
  • Simultaneous Dual Emission for Alpha Technology:
    reduce sample expenditure and cut read times in half
  • Ultrafast UV/VIS absorbance spectrometer
  • Ultrahigh dynamic range in Luminescence and advanced cross talk reduction
  • Built in reagent injectors

LabVision and Probation Labs introduce
The Titrating Multimode Spectrometer

3 Detection modes:

  • Ultrafast UV/VIS absorbance
  • Fluorescence 280 to 650 nm
  • Laserbased 90° static light scattering

Automatic titrations with:

  • Nanoliter addition
  • Electrode feedback
  • Magnetic stirring
  • Incubation from 12 to 80°C

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