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Konstkåren presidium 2016-17!

Sandra Holmberg, Camilla Tupontoli, Hannah McDonald


We are now looking for SAMO electives for the three faculties and also for our two libraries, at HDK and HSM. You can find the SAMO membership form at http://gus.gu.se/samo/bli-samo

From this year the hierachy for the system of SAMO's has slightly changed so now Hannah McDonald will be the head SAMO for Konstkaren so she will be your direct contact for information and also in charge of education and organising the SAMO's in the three faculties. So fill in the form and send to hannah.mcdonald@konstkaren.gu.se

We look forward to meeting and working with you!

Campus Näckrosen discussion group

We are starting a new discussion group made up of just students to talk about the plans for Campus Näckrosen. If you are interested in the future of the campus and would like to discuss the students needs and priorities then drop a message to our info@konstkaren.gu.se address. 

Nominate for the fall elections

It is now time to nominate for the fall elections for GFS boards.The boards are:

  • SGS studentbostäder
  • Folkuniversitet
  • Akademihälsan
  • GSF AB
  • Fysiken
  • RISH

The deadline is Sunday, September 25th at 23:59. More information in Swedish about how to apply or nominate someone else can be found here.For questions pleace contact marina.fransson@gfs.se.

Study related fees at Valand

During the spring Konstkåren has been working on a matter about study related fees at the Valand Academy. Students has been asked to pay a fee for using the graphics workshop at KKV (Konstnärernas kollektivverkstad) while the workshop in Valand is being renovated, even though it is illegal to charge fees for higher education in Sweden. Read the complete article from Spionen here

Would you like to arrange parties?

According to the regulations in Gothenburg, the persons that are responsible for the bar at events need to attend a "SUS" course in responsible alcohol management. The next chance will be on the 26th and 29th of September. If you would like to take part in the course, write an e-mail to: info@konstkaren.gu.se.

Are you an exchange student and missing your Mecenat card?

If you are an exchange student and did not have a swedish address or a personal number when the semester started there is a risk that you are not in the Mecenat system. You can send your details to assistent@konstkaren.gu.se and we will help you to register with Mecenat.




The result of the election at Valand

The Valand section is happy to announce that we have elected Ingvild Fjell Davidsen as Chairman and Barthélémy Garcia as Vice Chairman for 2016/17! 

Party at Valand!

More info on FB



Start-up weeks at HDK!

During the first weeks of the semester Konstkåren HDK arranged a Gothenburg tour, a boat trip with Paddan, second hand shopping and brännboll!



Start-up weeks at HSM!

Konstkåren HSM arranged a picnic in Slottskogen, beers at Stage door (Staggen) and a party with the first year students on the stage!


Open call!

Now there are two opportunities in participating at A-venues program, fall 2016:



1. Performance and performativity

19-29 October will we have two weeks of performance and performativity, and are now looking for proposals. We encourage all kinds of different aspects of performance and performative arts. Large or small, solo or ensemble the format is free. We welcome a wide range of practices where performance lecture, lecture performance, lab-forum, workshops and seminars could be part of the program.

If you are interested in participation in “Performance and performativity”, please fill out the following form: http://goo.gl/CMZk15 before 26th of September


2. Durational practices and marathon art

23-27 November A-venue is planning a performative week and exhibition dealing with issues of time and duration. We are seeking projects from students, PhD-students and teachers that have slowness, time-consumtion and repetition as important parts of their practice.

We are primarily seeking performative project and workshops that can take place live inside or outside A-venue during this week. We are also seeking artworks, design- and craft projects that deals with duration as a theme: It can be results of very time-consuming processes, extremely repetitive actions or lengthy procedures.

If you are interested in participation in “Durational practices and marathon art”, please fill out the following form: http://goo.gl/CMZk15  before 24th of October

Swedish lanugage courses at GU

Elementary knowledge of Swedish can be both useful and productive when studying or living in a Swedish context. Consequently, the University offers courses in Swedish to incoming students who are enrolled in a study programme or freestanding courses at the University. The courses are free of charge! Find ut how to register on the GU website.

Welcome to Fotobok GBG 16 at A-venue!

Fotobok GBG is a yearly photobook festival that will take place from the 22-24 of September at A-venue. It will be three days filled with book releases, workshops, lectures, artist talks and a book market. All events are free for everyone to enjoy! You will find a detailed program here.

Tango lesson for free this Thursday

On Thursday you will have the opportunity to try to dance tango for free!

Time: 7.30-8.30 pm
Where: Annedalsgården

The first lesson is for free, if you would like to continue the rest of the course costs only 300 sek. Read more here!

Act Sustainable

Students in Gothenburg are welcomed to the yearly inspiration day with focus on sustainability, October 4th 2016 at Pedagogen.

It will be an inspiring afternoon full of lectures, interactive workshops and a large exhibition. There will also be live music and free food! Click here to register.

Fredrika Bremer Förbundets Stipendiestiftelse

Once a year women that are studying at the university can apply for a scholarship from Fredrika Bremer Förbundets stipendiestiftelse. Applicants must be under 35 years old and have started the 3rd year of their studies, or finished more than half if the education is shorter than three years. Swedish citizens can apply for education both in Sweden and abroad. Foreign citizens can apply if the entire education is done in Sweden. Deadline 15th of October.


If you have something that you would like us to add to the next newsletter, please send an e-mail to assistent@konstkaren.gu.se, latest the 15th every month. 

If you have other questions to Konstkåren, please write to info@konstkaren.gu.se.

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