Newsletter from The Research School at the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts.
The Research School consists of artistic research and research on education within the artistic field and is run by the three departments Academy of Music and Drama, HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts, and Valand Academy. Problem to view? See the Newsletter in the web reader.

Public Defence

Utställning: Åsa Norman och Frida Hållander, Öxabäck IF – Utan er ingen morgondag, [super-8-film: Thor Johnson, Öxabäck IF (1966–1973), från vänster:Kerstin Johnson, Karin Svensson och Kerstin Larsson, 1966. Banderoll: ull, polyester, viskos och bomull, av: Ulrika Paananen, Yvonne Svensson, Saldina Hamza, Thomas Gunnarsson, Yvonne Nygren, Boel Josefsson, Aino Saariniemi, Ingegerd Claesson, Jon Jenca, Bernt Ståhl, Johan Kinnunen, Viktor Axell, Olle Holmudd, Åsa Norman och Frida Hållander med flera, 2015], Borås Konstmuseum, 2016. Foto: Frida Hållander, 2016.

Friday 15 February 13:00
Venue: Svarta Havet, Konstfack, Stockholm
Vems hand är det som gör? En systertext om konst/hantverk, klass, feminism och om viljan att ta strid
Frida Hållander, Konsthantverk/Crafts, HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts in collaboration with Konstfack, Stockholm
Opponent: Katarina Bonnevier
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From Friday 25th January the disstertation will be available in GUPEA


Wednesday 3 April 13:00
Metamorphoses: flute–body–flutist (dis)encounters
Marina Cyrino, Musical Performance and Interpretation, Academy of Music and Drama
13:00 performance in A308
13:30 Public defence in A505 (Lingsalen)
Artisten, Fågelsången 1, Göteborg
Opponent: Catherine Laws, senior lecturer, Department of Music, University of York

Monday 4 March 18:00-20:00
Concert with Marina Cyrino & Matthias Koole
Marina Cyrino in collaboration with the Brazil musician Matthias Koole in a improvisation concert "med gitarrförstärkta ballonger, hybridflöjter, mikrofoner i fjädrar, gitarrdrägel med mera". See more and buy tickets HERE

Research School: Workshops and Symposia

2019 Workshops and Symposia

Monday 18th February9:30-12:00

Contents to be announced
Venue: Glashuset

Monday-Tuesday 15-16 April

The theme for the 15-16 April 2019 Doctoral Symposium is CARE, drawing upon an interdisciplinary framework and focused on an institutional context with particular attention to the university and the museum. This symposium will examine notions of care, particularly looking at how care may be relevant in developing critical pedagogies and interventions that encourage insurgent thinking and practices; how such issues are addressed and dealt with – in artistic research, as well as in contemporary artistic, craft, design and performance practices and discourses.
The Spring 2019 symposium is organized by the doctoral candidates Nicolas Cheng (HDK), Jen Hayashida (Valand Academy) and Ram Krishna Ranjan (Valand Academy).
The Symposium is open by registration for all doctoral students, supervisors and researchers at the Faculty. Please contact Anna Frisk for registration: 

Monday 9th September kl 9:30-12:00
Contents to be announced

Tuesday-Wednesday 15-16 October
Symposium (OBS: adjustment of dates)

2019 Faculty Supervisors Meetings

Monday 18th March kl 13:00-14:30 (Glashuset)
Monday 9th September kl 13:00-14:30

Doctoral Seminars

Boxing and Unboxing, AND Publishing 2018

Wednesday 30th January, 13:00-16:00
80%-seminar: Eva Weinmayr, Artistic Practice, Valand Academy
Discussant: Gary Hall, Professor of Media, Coventry University, UK
Interested in Eva's material can contact her by sending an email:
Venue: Glashuset, Valand Academy, entrance from Chalmersgatan 4

Thursday 31st January, 10:00-12:00
25%-seminarium. Emma Gyllerfelt, Research on Arts Education (Sloyd)
Discussant: Camilla Lindahl, Universitetslektor, Stockholms universitet
Venue: HDK, Kristinelundsgatan 6-8

 Thursday 7th and Friday 8th February
50% seminar: Hedvig Jalhed, Performance Practices, Academy of Music and Drama
The opera In the Darkness, Everything Went all Black, will be performed Thursday 7th February at 18:00 in Lindgrensalen, A302. You buy ticket in advance.
Hedvig's 50% seminar will be held Friday 8th February at 10:00 i A505, Lingsalen.
Discussant: Josephine Machon, Associate Professor, Middlesex University, London.

Tuesday 23rd April, 10:00-12:00
Final seminar before public defense: Nicolas Cheng, Craft, HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts
Title: World Wide Workshop: The Craft of Noticing (Agency, Materiality and Practice)
Discussant: Dr. Åsa Ståhl, artist and researcher at the Linnaeus University
Venue: Room 338, HDK, Kristinelundsgatan 6-8


Materials can be found in the internal learning platform GUL: “Etappseminarier för doktorander”. If you don't have access, contact Anna Frisk.


More information on the Research School (doctoral students, supervisors, etc.) can be found on the web pages of the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts HERE.



See the documentation of André Alves’ presentation “We are lacking love” at Drama Boreale 18: The Open Ensemble. 

Drama Boreale is a conference for Drama/Theatre and Education, which latest edition, under the header of Open Ensemble, focusing the interactions in our drama/theatre field ”characterised by postbinary commitment to activity (rather than structures), process (rather than fixity), action (rather than representation), collectiveness (rather than individualism), reflexivity (rather than self-consciousness).
Drama Boreale 18 was staged at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg (6th – 10th of August). See HERE

A podcast with a lecture by HDK alumn Ulrika Wänström Lindh who has written the book  Ljusdesign och rumsgestaltning based on her thesis. Program series:
The book is named "Ljusdesign och rumsgestaltning" writer is Ulrika Wänström Lindh, Senior Lecturer at Jönköping University.

Introduktion och skrivhandledning

Alumn Lars Wallsten (fotografisk gestaltning) har tillsammans med Åsa Morberg skrivit boken Akademisk essä, den första boken i sitt slag om essäskrivning för högre utbildning i Sverige. Essäer är ett angeläget alternativ till annat akademiskt skrivande och erbjuder många spännande möjligheter. Den flexibla formen kan anpassas till alla ämnesområden och utbildningar.
Läs mer och beställ HÄR
ca 160 s | 2018 | 39946 | ISBN 9789144127071

Call for applications: Doctoral studies

Apply for doctoral position in Musical Performance

The Academy of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg announces a new doctoral position in Musical Performance, starting on 1 September 2019, and the application deadline is 1 March 2019.

Find the announcement on the university's page for vacancies.

Apply for doctoral position in Research on Arts Education (Estetiska uttrycksformer)

The research school at the Centre for Education Science and Teacher Research, CUL, announces vacancy doctoral positions, one per participating faculty. At the 2019 call for proposals, the only fully financed place of study as a doctoral student at the Faculty for Fine, Applied and Performing Arts is is emphasised on applicants in the fields of visual arts and sloyd, with location at HDK - Academy of Design and Crafts. Applicants with salary funded by their school principal are welcome to apply for additional study places at HDK, but also in the fields of music, theatre and dance at the Academy of Music and Drama. Please note that certificate from employer in such cases must be attached. The studies are mainly held in Swedish. Deadline 11 March. Read more and apply HERE

University of Applied Arts Vienna
Call for Applications: Artistic Research PhD Programme

Application deadline: February 21, 2019 / Programme start: October 2019

The University of Applied Arts Vienna invites potential candidates to apply for the Artistic Research PhD Programme (PhD in Art). In addition to providing proof of qualification in terms of artistic development candidates must also submit a written exposé outlining their planned activity within the field of artistic research. The six-semester programme of study in the field of art, conducted in English, is set up around themes and practices of artistic research. The thesis consists of an artistic work as well as a reflexive documentation of the knowledge gain yielded by the project.
More information:

Apply for doctoral position at Sibelius Academy

The University of the Arts Helsinki consists of three academies and provides an inspiring environment for learning, research, and artistic activity.

Sibelius Academy
Application period: 2-31.1.2019

For more info and application instructions


PARSE updates

About PARSE 

PARSE is a peer reviewed research publishing project of the Faculty of Fine, Applied, and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg. Established in 2015, PARSE publishes essays and practice that contribute new knowledge to the fields and disciplines that operate in and around the arts.

PARSE produces an open-access online peer reviewed journal, a biennial conference in Gothenburg on the 46th week of every odd year, more frequent PARSE dialogues and related reading groups as well as publishing news and events.

The 3rd PARSE Biennial Research Conference: Human

SAVE THE DATE: 13-15 November, 2019

University of Gothenburg
The Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts
Storgatan 43, PO Box 141, SE 405 30 Gothenburg, Sweden

Deadline for abstracts: 15 March 2019

Submissions for the call will officially open at the end of January, so please check the PARSE website for more information.

Call for contributions: panels, papers, performances, screenings, collaborations and workshops at the 3rd Biennial PARSE Research Conference

The 3rd Biennial PARSE Research Conference takes its title Human to prompt an interdisciplinary and international debate on key issues of the contemporary global condition. Politically, culturally and theoretically, it is impossible today to navigate through the dense lattice of emergencies and urgencies without addressing the question of what constitutes the human, inhuman, subhuman and non-human, as well as formulating an adequate response to the anthropocenic threat posed by the human against the planet.

Historically, the category ‘human’ has been instrumental to the justification and practice of sovereignty and universalism in the Western world, insofar as delimiting and differentiating what ‘human’ means has been central to the project of modernity.

Such delineations have centered on questions of self-consciousness and language, intellectual ability in the form of abstract thought, the possession of a soul, tool-making capabilities, genetic inheritance or private property; however, they have demanded demarcations through the production of prohibition and hierarchization, in processes of inevitable social, political, legal, and economic violence.

Drawing on a broad interdisciplinary network of critical, creative, and pedagogical communities, PARSE seeks to stimulate exchange and dialogue about how to reimagine, remake, expose and expand the human vis-à-vis notions of the nonhuman, inhuman, subhuman, posthuman and inhumane. How can we rethink the conditions for a political imaginary capable of structural transformation and justice for human and nonhuman alike? What is at the heart of current debates on the human? What political imaginaries have enabled the current wave of xenophobic and neo-colonial dehumanization? How can the arts respond to what may be termed a crisis in humanity?

The main theme of the 3rd Biennial PARSE Research Conference 2019, Human, will be organised around 6 streams that will identify clusters for thinking about the human and its discontents. PARSE particularly welcomes proposals for papers on any subject within the traditions of art, design, craft, theatre, music, photography, film, literature, and arts education, including those disciplines from social science and the humanities that are operative within the arts.

We welcome contributions that engage with the following topics:

* the inhuman, the subhuman, the body and inscriptions of the human (the contested universality of the human across the divisions of class, race, gender, trans, queer, ableism, neurodiversity)

* the imperiled non-human (the Anthropocene, nature, ecological catastrophe) and the technological non-human and objecthood (tools, machine, nature, world of objects, OOO, robotics, algorithms etc)

* the posthuman, pedagogy and the institution (anti-humanism, anti-anthropocentrism, critique of the humanities, the human produced by the university, knowledge and distinction, disciplines of the human)

* human mobility and nationhood (transnationalism, cosmopolitanism, migration, human rights, personhood)

* biopolitics, necropolitics and the governance of the category of the human

* decoloniality, post- and neo-colonialism (slavery, indigeneity, empire, desegregation, white Suprematism, white privilege).

Art & Migration

A still from Chauka, please tell us the time by Arash Kamali Sarvestani and Behrouz Boochani

This research arc, inquires into the embodied, affective, performative, material, visual, and spatial politics of cross-border human mobilities, through arts/design as well as other disciplines and practices.

Led by Erling Björgvinsson, HDK Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg, Nicholas De Genova, Scholar of migration, borders, citizenship, race and labour, Professor and Chair of the Department of Comparative Cultural Studies, University of Houston, Mahmoud Keshavarz, Design scholar and post-doctoral fellow at the Engaging Vulnerability Research Program, Uppsala University and Tintin Wulia, Artist and post-doctoral fellow at HDK/Academy of Design and Crafts and School of Global Studies, University of Gothenburg.

Dialogue on Art and Migration Part 2:
January 24 2019
Speakers: Behrouz Boochani, Journalist, poet and film producer & Arash Kamali Sarvestani, Director, Frederikke Hansen and Tone Olaf Nielsen from Camp Copenhagen, Charles Heller, researcher, Nora El Qadim Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Paris, Sandro Mezzadra, Associate Professor of Political Theory at the University of Bologna, and Alison Mountz, Professor of Geography and Canada Research Chair in Global Migration at the Balsillie School of International Affairs.
Location: Baulan, HDK (14.00 - 18.00)


Save the date: April 29 2019
PARSE Dialogue on Art and Migration Part 3:
(Speakers to be announced)
Location: Baulan, HDK


Intersectional Engagements in Politics in Art

Led by Kristina Hagström-Ståhl, HSM Academy of Music and Drama. This research arc engages with scholarship, artistic research and creative work related to intersectional feminism, decoloniality and queer studies.

February 15, 2019

PARSE dialogue: Two sides of a coin: A reading of contemporary and traditional art practices in Turkey.

In collaboration with the Gender Studies program at the Department of Cultural Sciences, University of Gothenburg. With Isil Egrikavuk Berlin-based performance artist and scholar.

Location: Glashuset, Valand (15:30- 17:30) 

Seminarieserie om skrivande för forskare från hela universitet

Alla forskare skriver. Vid sidan av seminarier och konferenser har den akademiska publikationen alltid varit ett självklart sätt att delta i det akademiska samtalet och sprida ny kunskap. Nu inbjuds forskare från hela Göteborgs universitetet till en ny seminarieserie  för att diskutera och undersöka publikationsformer, meriteringssystem, nya publiceringskanaler och mycket mer.

Under våren kommer serien framförallt att fokusera på den heldagsworkshop som äger rum den 21 februari. Workshoppen går under titeln Skriver vi för att läsas eller för att synas? och programmet är redan klart.

Mer info och anmälan HÄR

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Newsletter from the University Library

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Dataskyddsförordningen för forskare

Under våren 2019 arrangeras ett antal nya utbildningar om Dataskyddsförordningen: två tillfällen för medarbetare som arbetar med forskning samt två tillfällen för medarbetare som arbetar med utbildningsadministration.

Det hålls också två allmänna introduktionsutbildningar kring lagstiftningen. Rekommendationen är att medarbetare går denna introduktionsutbildning först och sedan fortsätter med fördjupningsutbildning i valt område.

Utbildningarna hålls på svenska. Universitetets dataskyddsgrupp finns på plats för att svara på frågor i samband med tillfällena, och naturligtvis går det att anmäla sig till respektive tillfälle även om man inte arbetar specifikt med forskning eller utbildningsadministration.

Allmän utbildning om Dataskyddsförordningen:

  • 19 februari, klockan 13.00-14.30, sal B 32, Handelshögskolan
  • 2 april, klockan 13.00-14.30, sal G. Sandels (2403), Medicinaregatan 9

Dataskyddsförordningen för forskning:

  • 26 februari, klockan 14.30-16.30, sal B 22, Handelshögskolan
  • 25 mars, klockan 14.30-16.30, sal R. Sandberg (2256), Medicinaregatan 7

Agenda 2030 from a Global South perspective

How can GU strengthen interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research, utilisation and education on the UN Sustainable Development Goals with focus on the Global South?

Welcome to a workshop for GU staff where we will discuss the possibility to establish a Gothenburg network and coordination platform for work on the SDGs and Global South (which is a concept that refers to low-income and emerging economies around the world, what was previously called “developing countries”). The aim is to identify if there is an interest and strategic needs at GU for a network and platform that enables more effective and new collaborations between GU, Chalmers and our partners in the Global South to contribute to achieving Agenda 2030”.

Date and time: Monday 25 February at 13.00–17.00, including coffee break
Venue: The Torgny Segerstedt Room, the university main building, Vasaparken

Sign up HERE

an international vocal performance research symposium

28-30 January 2019
Inter Arts Center, Malmö/ Lund University, Sweden.
Performers from Texas to New Zealand via the Nordic countries will allow VOICE to be the guide into the UNKNOWN.A research symposium curated by the Nordic Network for Vocal Performance Research & Inter Arts Center, Lund Univ. in Malmö.
Participants: Elisabeth L. Belgrano, Felicia Konrad, Lisa Nyberg, Misha Penton, Julieanna Preston, Björn Ross, Elisabeth Holmertz

Royal Institute of Art’s Research Week

January 21-25, teachers, researchers, students and guests share current artistic research and development works that are at different stages. The days are organised around different themes: Material Translations & Interweavings; Shared Processes as Method: The Meaning of Work; Body: Transgression, Biopolitics, Measureability; Scores & Archive. Presentations are made as lectures, workshops, seminars, film screenings and performance.

The programme is open to the school as well as the public.

Location: Royal Institute of Art, Flaggmansvägen 1, except one programme held at Italienska Kulturinstitutet, and the concluding Party at Galleri Mejan. Read the full programme here:

UNIARTS - Research week 2019

Warm welcome to the Research week at Stockholm University of the Arts 22-25 January. During the week, artistic research and development projects are presented by doctoral candidates and senior researchers at Uniarts.

When and where
22 January at. 09.00-16:15: DOCH, School of Dance and Circus, Brinellvägen 58
23 January at. 09.00-17.00: University College of Opera, Teknikringen 35
24 January at. 10.00-19.00: Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, Valhallavägen 189
25 January at. 09.00-17.45: Linnégatan 87
Read more HERE

New Issue of VIS

Release for Issue 1 of VIS - Nordic Journal for Artistic Research. The theme is Risk and the issue will publish nine expositions. The presentation takes place during Uniarts Research Week 2019. Welcome!
When: 25 January at. 16:15-16:45
Where: Linnégatan 87, Stockholm

Read more HERE


Call for applications: Nida Doctoral School "Fight the Power 2019/1989: We, the Ungovernable"

The Nida Doctoral School (NDS) comprises an intensive programme for DA & PhD candidates in visual & performing arts, design, media & the humanities.

Focusing on questions pertinent to their individual research, doctoral candidates will work closely with speakers & tutors from art, design, higher education & the culture sector. Talks, discussion groups, doctoral research presentations (formal, informal, performative, experimental, etc.), peer review, group & individual consultations, dérives & screenings will contribute to developing the candidates’ doctoral projects.

This year’s NDS will be held at Venice Biennale—at the Lithuanian Pavilion, the Research Pavilion & additional environments in Venice.

August 26–31, 2019
Application deadline: March 15
Facebook / Instagram

International Conference on Research in Education and Social Sciences (ICRESS)
February 03 - 07, 2019 at VIP Executive Entrecampos Hotel & Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The conference is organized by the International Society for Research in Education and Science (ISRES).

University of the Arts Helsinki, Aalto University, University of Lapland

The thirteenth RUUKKU ponders the conceptual, methodical, concrete and practical peripheries in arts. What kinds of roles do margins, peripheries or fringes have in arts and artistic research? Can artistic research itself be conceived as a peripheral zone on the edge of the rationalistic-scientific world? What consequences are expected to follow when the rational world-views are challenged and new kinds of material and discursive spaces emerge and are formed? How can fringes or peripheries be understood in the realm of sensuous, sensable or physical?

The issue is edited by Maiju Loukola, Mari Mäkiranta and Eija Timonen. We ask you to submit your proposals for research expositions through Research Catalogue (‘submit to publication', ‘submit unlimited publication to', and ‘ruukku') no later than1st of March 2019. Complete expositions are to be submitted by 15th May 2019. In need for additional information, contact

RUUKKU is a multidisciplinary, multilingual, peer-reviewed journal on artistic research launched in 2013. RUUKKU is published and supported by the University of the Arts Helsinki, Aalto school of Arts, Design and Architecture and the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Lapland.

‘Essentially’ feminine

The contents of ‘Essentially’ feminine — a mapping through artistic practice of the feminine territory offered by Early Modern Music, is not hard to understand a year into the #metoo-movement. It turns out that 400-year-old songs use the same rules as abusive men still do. Songs of love from a man to a woman in seventeenth-century England often contain patterns that today’s survivors of domestic violence recognise: to reject a ‘no,' accuse, threaten and question the loved one’s character. The researcher Katarina A Karlsson has read 755 songs from the time and worked together with musicians, singers, directors, costume designers and lighting designers. With funding from Vetenskapsrådet. Read more and order the book HERE

Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)

The online, peer-reviewed journal for the publication and discussion of artistic research:

JAR is open-access, free to read, and to contribute.
We are very proud to announce our seventeenth issue with the following contributions:
Scott Andrew Elliott and Chris Cottrell,
Building Material Conversations
Otso Tapio Lähdeoja, Josué Moreno Prieto, and Daniel Adrian Malpica Gomez,
IN SITU: Sonic Greenhouse. Composing for the intersections between the sonic and the built
Kate McCallum, Kate Monson, and Majed Al-Jefri,
Ives Maes,
Additive Photography
Tyler Payne, The Body + the Lens: Shrink, Wax, Purge, Bleach

Keywords include: new materialism, experimental writing, sound art, greenhouse, carnal sociology, feminist epistemology, photosculpture, 3D printing, fanfiction, AI.


Research Catalogue an international database for artistic research: find out more.


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Editor: Anna Frisk, Göteborgs universitet, 

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