New Year, New Beginnings - how to plan your email marketing for 2020, what’s new in GAN +
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Happy New Year ##firstname##

Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? 😉 Maybe we can’t help you quit smoking, learn Mandarin or lose weight, but if ‘growing your business’ was one of them – then we have some really good news for you 👇 😉

This year (for the first time in quite a while) we actually made some New Year’s Resolutions ourselves:

1) Improve our tool for you, so you can grow your business with email marketing even easier and faster – a lot of new features that have been in the pipeline for a while, including an improved interface and editor!

2) Help you get better results from email marketing by giving you proven tips, strategies and templates – designed especially for your business

3) Help you get more customers by featuring you and your business on our blog and in our monthly newsletter – hence the new ‘user spotlight’ section below (psst, you can be the first one we feature, ##firstname## 😉)

As you know – the best way to achieve your goals is to find yourself an accountability partner – would you like to be one for us? 😉


From now on, every month – we will be updating you on our progress on those three goals in the following sections of our newsletter:

  • Email Marketing Academy – tested tips, strategies and templates to help you improve your email marketing

  • GAN News – juicy new features & major improvements

  • User Spotlight – interviews with *you* - our users – on their business, and best (email) marketing practices 

Ready for the new beginning? Here’s to a good start! 🎉🥂

Email Marketing Academy

Planning your email marketing strategy for 2020? Here’s all you need to know!

You may have probably noticed – just like with a lot of other things in life – if you have a clear ‘strategy’ for your email marketing, you will probably get better results. Following the New Year’s Resolutions analogy – imagine you want to lose weight. Having a clear diet (=strategy) – e.g. not eating sweets, or simple carbs - will have a huge effect on your probability of success. Then – having an even more detailed meal plan for every day (=plan) and using smart tricks for each meal – like, adding 20 grams of protein to each meal to feel fuller for longer, swapping chocolate for nuts (=tactics) – will put you on the home run.

So this month – let’s focus on the resources that will help you with your email marketing strategy  –both deciding whom you’re gonna be writing to, how often and what – and then putting your email marketing plan on your calendar – and sticking to it!

 In this post, you will learn:

  • How to define your target audience, their pain points and what to write to make them want to read your emails
  • How to create a monthly content plan for your newsletters
  • How to stick to it – save time on creating newsletters through batching, scheduling and outsourcing

B2C email marketing aims at convincing individuals to buy goods or services for their personal use.

In this post, you will learn how to create an email marketing strategy for your Business-to-Consumer business in 5 simple steps; you will also see the tricks that successful B2C companies use in their marketing.

Struggling to come up with ideas for newsletters for your e-commerce store? This post is *packed* with templates, best practices and examples from successful ecommerce brands – you can use them too!

B2B email marketing is one of the most important channels in B2B marketing process – 40% of B2B marketers say email marketing is critical for their success. And yet B2B email marketing seems more challenging than email marketing for In this post we are going to discuss how to create a successful B2B email marketing strategy, and give some ideas for your B2B newsletters for every stage of the funnel:

A lot of people wonder – what is better? Social media or email?

The correct answer is – you don’t need to choose! Actually, both are a great way to promote your business – you just need to know 1) when to use them 2) how to combine them for the best results – you will find it all out from this post!

Now, seems like you have enough to read and think about for the whole month! 😉

GAN News

New Year, New US 😎

‘Getting in Shape’ has been on GAN’s New Year Resolutions’ list for a while…and last, year – it finally happened 😉

As you may have noticed, a beta version of the new interface has been available for a while.

And while GAN obviously got a face-lift (high time after 5 years, huh? 😉 ), everything is still in the same place and not much has changed when it comes to using the tool!

User spotlight

WE WANT YOU!…for our newsletters and blog.

Yes, you.

We want to hear your story, learn about your business and let you share your experience with GAN and best email marketing practices with our other users – maybe you’ll even get a few new customers that way? 😉

Answer a couple of simple questions and see you here next month!

Any questions? Write to us @

Best wishes, Emma & Emilia from Get a Newsletter


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