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Turning Towards LIGHT

Warmly Welcome to Aschimas Newsletter for Feb. 2020 with news and inspiration for those souls Awakening and who wants to live from their authentic soul and direct their creativity forward from joy and truth. I am dedicated to help those who are interested in their soul qualities - their unique vibration and those who are ready to open the heart and live from the silent mind without judgment or fear. Living from the heart means that you have no mind controle any more - you are who your are  - IT is so FREE!!!

 This spring is vibrating in a new direction for those who are open to receive. Remember to do as the flowers - Turn towards light and warmth and step away from anger and fear.

 Many of those who come to me are LIGHT beings ( higher evolved souls ) , Starchildren, INdigo and Crystal energies within them with an intention to create New energies together on earth. This will not work from the old with a lot of aggression or opposition towards what is lower. It comes from changing yourself and to create from that change, with an intention to also help earth forward. Many of these souls also comes down to earth with the wish to experience awakening out from the identified mind and some to stand with their twinflame ( any question about Twin energies you can ask in a session ) .

- Awakening is the most beautiful experience a soul incarnated can experience...

All my services and sessions serves awakening - but for awakening to come through in a soul it takes letting go of the mind and BE in the moment and Stay there. I am here on Yoga retreats coming this spring, as a place to return to a place of trusting your self in the moment and letting the mind go. See below the invitaion to Mallorca in May ( its in Swedish - in english on my homepage otherwise use google tool! ) .

You can also take a reiki healing and a session with an intention to support your soul to let go and relax into your higher Self, where awakening will happen     . 

I -Aschima always support you to get out of Stuck energies, create new relationships, dare to move abroad , live on your soulpassion, open healing capacities , I can also help you with your homepage and Bring feng shui into your home, and more.




Reiki and Awake Guidance


REIKI Healing Sessions / Dates  - New Place: Karlavägen i Sthlm

Varmt Välkommen att boka session på Karlavägen i Sthlm i ett helande rum fullt med Kristaller. Nästa datum som finns att boka i Februari och Mars är:

 Lördag 29/feb från 13.30

Lördag 7, 14, 21 Mars från 13.30

 ( det finns självklart andra tider som är bokningsbara - Maila till Aschima med önskning/förfrågan - ej på Karlavägen! ) Ibland finns tider på Östermalm kvällstid - Aschima kommer Hem till dig  om du bor i Centrala sthlm.

BOKA till


For those who never tried distance healing: Aschima has enhanced healing capacitises and also enters the room giving distance healing so the sessions are getting more and more powerful and you can feel her strong presence. You can feel Aschimas energies and touch when you take a distance session too!

SKYPE SESSIONS - Awake Guidance and Reiki Attunements

E-mail Questions: Only have 1 Question or 2: send an email and receive a channeling by Aschima witihin 24 hours - Investement: 500 sek one question.


HEALING with Crystals

Healing with Crystals - Word document ( 8 pages )  available to order from Aschima  with Practical information and Aschimas personal Secrets how you can use Crystals in your daily life, to enhance energies and heal.

the investment is now a little bit lower for february: 1500 sek - order through mail to

New: When you buy the document you can ask a question concerning crystals - Either a channeling on a crystal you need or anything you are interested in!

Recommendation from my healing heart this month is to have a reiki attunement or a reiki in combination with Chakra clearing, to let go of old energies and open to new Spring Light - With Aschimas strong power and awake aura you´ll receive higher energies to receive more of the vibration of your soullight and flowering

I give Reiki healing with intention to open your Tantric energies in the hips and to call in a lover this spring. Session with Aschima singing to your heart ant calling in a new man ( woman ) or an old flame with new openings -

Book to



Offers by Aschima in February

A very Beautiful and Powerful combination with both REIKI healing and ChakraClearing-Where every chakra is being cleared and the Reiki recharge your chakras and aura-The mind, the heart and the Feet ( ground ) is balanced and you can move forward in a more peaceful and light direction
60-70 min session 1400 sek (1700)

All Reiki Attunements: 1800 sek ( 2000)
It includes the 3 new symbols and the Classical symbols in Reiki. When you receive a Reiki Attunemnet you also receive the attunement with an Intention for you to be manifested in your life/ or Healing practice. The reiki works through your chakras and heals the old and opens you up to new energies. Each Symbol vibrates /holds unique vibrations. You can read about the symbols on my homepage or ask me in an email what I feel would be a good and high vibration for you right now

OFFER: 10% discount when you book 2 sessions

NEW: offers:2 time/ Soul

Mallorca 28/4-5/5 YOGA, Meditation and Nature Climbing

Yoga med mig - Aschima och Klättra med Johanna i vår, på Mallorca i samarbete med Vingresor på Sunprime hotell/ Playa de Palma. 28/4-5/5 2020

Hotellet är enbart Vuxen hotell och har Spa för full Healing möjlighet!


Varmt välkomna att delta på en Medveten vecka i vår, med YOGA och Klättring i den vackraste miljön på Mallorca

Johanna och Aschima delar Klättring och Yoga med fokus att stanna i nuet och bli i enhet med oss själva och naturen. Samt glädjen att vara och utforska i kroppen. Johanna och Aschima kommer att finnas även vid flertalet Middagar där vi kan vara tillsammans i närvaro. En av dagarna är du välkommen att följa med på utflykt till mallorcas Vattenfall, där vi Klättrar och Yogar I naturens magi!

Aschima erbjuder 2 Yoga pass/dag och Johanna tar er varje dag till platser för Klättring. Du kan välja att Enbart Komma med och Klättra eller att utöva Yoga.

“KÄRLEK till din Själ - Älska dina andetag, Älska din kropp - Älska din inre närvaro och livskraft - genom Feminine Yoga!” Aschima

- De som har varit med mig innan på retreat, är så varmt välkomna, det blir inte full stillhet/tystnad , men samma hjärta, inre glädje och närvaro utlovas.
Klättra varje dag med kära Johanna, som med passion att klättra och vara ett i naturen, och använda kroppen får dig att VÅGA och utforska klipporna och kroppen...

Läs mer om feminineyoga/

anmälan till resan: vingresor

Res direkt från: Stockholm, Köpenhamn och Göteborg




 Book to






Music for inner peace, transformations and spiritual connection

Spotify and CD Aschima Music/ Spotify

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Download MEDITATION for Opening Breathing and Being  - ITUNES


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Buy the CD now in Gothenburg/ Regnbagens böcker och smycken


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